11 Dec 2015

Free ebook and online resources on Free Space Optics ( Optical Wireless Communication)

  1. Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications, David A. Johnson
  2. Wireless Infrared Communications- Kahn and Barry
  3. Short-Range Optical Wireless Communications-O’Brien,Katz,Green
  4. A Review on Indoor Optical Wireless Systems-Singh, John, FIETE
  5. Optical Wireless: The Story So Far-Heatley, Wisely, Neild, and Cochrane
  6. Indoor Optical Wireless Communication Systems – Part I: Review- Z. Ghassemlooy
  8. Analysis of Free Space Optics as a Transmission Technology - Garlington, Babbitt and Long
  9. Common Misconceptions about Free Space Optics-fSona
  10. Free Space optics (fso): An Introduction
  11. What is Free Space Optics (FSO)
  12. Overview : Free-Space Optical Communications at JPL/NASA- Hamid Hemmati
  13. Understanding the performance of free-space optics - Bloom,Korevaar, Schuster and Willebrand
  14. Optical (through-the-air)communications
  16. Free-space optics technology improves situational awareness on the battlefield-Al-Akkoumi,Huck and Sluss
  17. FREE SPACE OPTICS :High bandwidth solution in network world-MONIKA MEHRA
  18. Multi-Gigabits-per-second Optical Wireless Communications - Dr. Jeganathan and Dr.Ionov
  19. Challenges In Outdoor and Indoor Optical Wireless Communications -Qazi
Visible Light Communications
  1. Visible Light Communications - Sylvester C.S. Lo

Web resources 

Indoor Free-Space Optical Communication -J.M. Kahn
Optical Wireless at Oxford
Optical Wireless at Northumbria - Zhassemlooy
Support Solutions Inc
Optical Communication Group- Nasa

Manufacturer Website

free space optics solutions
Laser Information Telecommunications


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