6 Jul 2008

Free Books on Nonlinear Dynamics and Control Theory

  1. Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers- Åström, Karl Johan and Murray, Richard M.
  2. Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory, Stephen Boyd, Laurent El Ghaoui, E. Feron, and V. Balakrishnan
  3. Control in an Information Rich World: Report of the Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems- Murray, Richard M.
  4. Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance, Stephen Boyd and Craig Barratt
  5. Adaptive Control: Stability, Convergence, and Robustness, Shankar Sastry and Marc Bodson
  6. An Introduction to Mathematical Optimal Control Theory, Lawrence Craig Evans
  7. Unsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory, Vincent D. Blondel and Alexandre Megretski
  8. An Introduction to Intelligent and Autonomous Control, Panos J. Antsaklis, Kevin M. Passino
  9. Fuzzy Control, Kevin M. Passino and Stephen Yurkovich
  10. The Chaos Hypertextbook, Glenn Elert
  11. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Prof. Rodolfo R. Rosales
  12. Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves, Prof. Triantaphyllos Akylas
  13. CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM CHAOS by Predrag Cvitanovic', Roberto Artuso, Ronnie Mainieri, Gregor Tanner, Gábor Vattay, Niall Whelan, and Andreas Wirzba

Books on Information theory, Digital Communication available for free download

Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms , David Mackay

Book excerpts:
This textbook introduces theory in tandem with applications. Information theory is taught alongside practical communication systems, such as arithmetic coding for data compression and sparse-graph codes for error-correction. A toolbox of inference techniques, including message-passing algorithms, Monte Carlo methods, and variational approximations, are developed alongside applications of these tools to clustering, convolutional codes, independent component analysis, and neural networks.
The final part of the book describes the state of the art in error-correcting codes, including low-density parity-check codes, turbo codes, and digital fountain codes -- the twenty-first century standards for satellite communications, disk drives, and data broadcast.

"An utterly original book that shows the connections between such disparate fields as information theory and coding, inference, and statistical physics."
Dave Forney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"An excellent textbook in the areas of infomation theory, Bayesian inference and learning alorithms. Undergraduate and post-graduate students will find it extremely useful for gaining insight into these topics."

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air, David Mackay
A popular book by David J.C. MacKay

Book excerpts:
This part of the book offers some straight answers about carbon: if we carry on burning fossil fuels for another 50 years, and then think about trying to switch to low-carbon technologies, will things be OK? who are the big carbon emitters who are responsible for the change in atmospheric CO2 concentrations? what sort of legislation is needed to bring about a switch to a truly low-carbon society? what does the price of carbon need to be, to bring about this switch? and if we don’t switch now, what is the energy cost of cleaning up CO2 pollution later?

Numerical Recipes in C

Book Description
The product of a unique collaboration among four leading scientists in academic research and industry, Numerical Recipes is a complete text and reference book on scientific computing. In a self-contained manner it proceeds from mathematical and theoretical considerations to actual practical computer routines. With over 100 new routines bringing the total to well over 300, plus upgraded versions of the original routines, the new edition remains the most practical, comprehensive handbook of scientific computing available today.

"...an instant `classic,' a book that should be purchased and read by anyone who uses numerical methods..." American Journal of Physics.

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, David Tse and Pramod Viswanath

Book Description

The past decade has seen many advances in physical-layer wireless communication theory and their implementation in wireless systems. This textbook takes a unified view of the fundamentals of wireless communication and explains the web of concepts underpinning these advances at a level accessible to an audience with a basic background in probability and digital communication. Topics covered include MIMO (multiple input multiple output) communication, space-time coding, opportunistic communication, OFDM and CDMA. The concepts are illustrated using many examples from wireless systems such as GSM, IS-95 (CDMA), IS-856(1xEV-DO), Flash OFDM and ArrayComm SDMA systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the interplay between concepts and their implementation in systems. An abundant supply of exercises and figures reinforce the material in the text. This book is intended for use on graduate courses in electrical and computer engineering and will also be of great interest to practicing engineers.

Review :

"Fundamentals of Wireless Communication is a terrific introduction to principles of physical-layer design for state-of-the-art wireless systems. It is a wonderful and much-needed resource for new graduate students and practicing professionals alike. Tse and Viswanath have written a text of enduring value."

Professor Gregory W. Wornell, MIT

Free ebook in public domain

Project Gutenberg was established more than 30 years ago ; making available full texts in public domain; readable to every computer. The books are full version in text format though other formats are also supported. Most of the books are literature such as novels, poetry, short stories and drama. New books are added every week. The collection includes books by great writers like Tolstoy, Rabindranath Tagore, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Walt Whitman Hermann Hesse, to name few. The Project Gutenberg collection also has a few non-text items such as audio files and music notation files. More than 24 thousand books are listed on the site.

Free Self Improvement Books download

  1. As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen
  2. Accomplish Anything you Want in your Life!
  3. Atom Smashing Power of Mind,Charles Filmore
  4. Awareness Itself, De Graff
  5. Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  6. The Science of Getting,Wallace D. Wattles
  7. Acres of Diamonds, Russell H. Conwell
  8. The Art of Public Speaking, Dale Carnagey
  9. Jonathan Livingston Seagull,Richard Bach
  10. The Science of Being Well - Wallace D Wattles
  11. How To Find True Happiness
  12. The Law of Financial Success, Edward E Beals
  13. Mastery of Fate - Christian D Larson
  14. How To Get What You Want - Orison Swett Marden
  15. Practical Mind Reading - William Walker Atkinson
  16. How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work - David V Bush
  17. The Science of Being Great - Wallace D Wattles
  18. How To Fill Your Life With Unlimited Abundance -
  19. The Mental Highway - Thomas Parker Boyd
  20. How To Live Life And Love It - Genevieve Behrend
  21. Attaining Your Desires - Genevieve Behrend
  22. How The Mind Works - Christian D Larson
  23. You - Charles F Haanel
  24. The Hidden Power of Universal Laws
  25. The Master Mind - Theron Q Dumont
  26. Discover And Unleash Your Power -
  27. I Can, Therefore I Will
  28. The Money Magnet
  29. Creative Visualization
  30. Joy Philosophy - Elizabeth Towne
  31. The Magic Subconscious
  32. This Mystical Life Of Ours - Ralph Waldo Trine
  33. Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory
  34. The Message of A Master - John McDonald
  35. The 'Miracle Water' Secret
  36. The Law of Psychic Phenomena - Thomas Jay Hudson
  37. How To Stay Well - Christian D Larson
  38. How To Put The Subconscious Mind To Work - David V Bush
  39. Subconscious Programming For Maximum Results
  40. The Power Of Thought - Henry Thomas Hamblin
  41. Your Invisible Power - Genevieve Behrend
  42. In Tune With The Infinite - Ralph Waldo Trine
  43. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion - Emile Coué
  44. Prosperity Through Thought Force - Bruce MacLelland
  45. Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted - Gustavus Hindman Miller
  46. How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash - Earl Prevette
  47. How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality - Brown Landone
  48. Mental Chemistry - Charles F Haanel
  49. Concentration And The Acquirement Of Personal Magnetism - O. Hashnu Hara
  50. How To Wake The Solar Plexus - Elizabeth Towne
  51. Mental Efficiency And Other Hints To Men And Women - Arnold Bennett
  52. Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self - Kenneth J M MacLean
  53. Influence - How To Exert It - B. Dangennes (From the writings of Yoritomo Tashi)
  54. Right And Wrong Thinking And Their Results - Aaron Martin Crane
  55. Secrets Of Mental Supremacy - W. R. C. Latson, M.D.
  56. The Ideal Made Real - Christian D Larson
  57. The Master Key System
  58. The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism - Theron Q Dumont
  59. The Secret Of Success - William Walker Atkinson
  60. Thought Vibration - William Walker Atkinson
  61. Thought-Force In Business and Everyday Life - William W Atkinson
  62. The Magic Story - Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey
  63. Practical Mental Influence - William W Atkinson
  64. Character-Building Thought Power - Ralph Waldo Trine