16 Aug 2008

Free Books on Digital Electronics

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Electronics-Professor Barry Paton
  2. Digital Electronics Basics Combinational Logic-Michael Tse
  3. Lecture Notes for Digital Electronics-Raymond E. Frey
  4. Digital Electronics Tutorial-Deepak Kumar Tala
  5. Digital Electronics II-Mike Brookes
  6. The Basics of Logic Design-
  7. Digital System Design (Spring 2003)
  8. Digital Electronics, Part 1, Part 2- Nelson
  9. Lecture Notes for Analog Electronics-Raymond E. Frey
  10. Programmable Logic Design Quick Start Handbook- Xilinx
  11. Digital Logic/Computer Architecture Lab-Hans B. Kuhlmann
  12. Digital Logic and Microprocessor Design with VHDL- Enoch Hwang
  13. Digital Electronics
  14. Basic Analog and Digital-

Free Books on Optics

  1. Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light by John D. Joannopoulos, Steven G. Johnson, Joshua N. Winn, and Robert D. Meade
  2. Lasers: Invention To Application, John R. Whinnery, Jesse H. Ausubel
  3. Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications, David A. Johnson
  4. The Fiber Optic Data Communications, Dr. Kenneth S. Schneider
  5. Advanced Epitaxy For Future Electronics, Optics, And Quantum Physics: Seventh Lecture International Science Lecture Series, C. Gossard
  6. Advances In Photoreception: Proceedings Of A Symposium On Frontiers Of Visual Science
  7. Harnessing Light Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century
  8. Photoelectric Properties and Applications of Low-Mobility Semiconductors, Knenkamp
  9. The Theory Of Optics, C. Riborg Mann And Robert A. Millikan
  10. Optics, Robert A Millikan
  11. High-Energy Polarized Proton Beams,Georg Heinz Hoffstaetter
  12. Optics,Benjamin Crowell
  13. Geometric Optics, Dr. J. B. Tatum
  14. Optics, P. Ewart
  15. The discrete dipole approximation: an overview and recent developments, Maxim A. Yurkin, Alfons G. Hoekstra
  16. Introduction to Quantum Optics, V. I. Man'ko
  17. Understanding Optical Communications-Harry J. R. Dutton

15 Aug 2008

Free Books on Wavelet Transform and Online Resources

  1. Signal Processing with Fractals: A Wavelet-Based Approach-G. W. Wornell
  2. Wavelets with applications in signal and image processing by A. Bultheel
  3. Conceptual Wavelets - Digital Signal Processing (DSP), D. Lee Fugal ( Few chapters from forthcoming book).
  4. The Wavelet Tutorial: The Engineer's Ultimate Guide to Wavelet Analysis, by Robi Polikar
  5. Wavelets and wavelet thresholding by M.H. Jansen
  6. An Introduction to Wavelets by Amara Graps
  7. Introduction to Wavelets by D. Zorin, J. Owens
  8. Wavelets and Signal Processing -Ian Kaplan
  9. A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis by Christopher Torrence and Gilbert P. Compo.
  10. A Wavelet Tutorial (based on S. Mallat's book)
  11. Wavelets for Computer Graphics: A Primer, by Eric J. Stollnitz, Tony D. DeRose, and David H. Salesin
  12. Overview of Java enabled Wavelet Tutorial, Digital Signal Processing at Rice University
  13. Surfing the Wavelets, by J. Altmann
  14. Wavelets: An Elementary Introduction and Examples , by M. Ueda and S. Lodha
  15. A Really Friendly Guide to Wavelets by Valens
  16. Wavelets: Seeing the Forest and the Trees
  17. Wavelets for Kids (Introductory (for very smart kids!)), Brani Vidakovic and Peter Mueller
  18. Filter Coefficients to Popular Wavelets, Pascal Getreuer
  19. Signal Processing using Wavelets for Enhancing Electronic Nose Performance- Ekachai Phaisangittisagul (PhD thesis)
  20. Wavelet Transform Adaptive Signal Detection - Wensheng Huang(PhD thesis)
  21. Wavelet Analysis- Jacques Lewalle
  22. Wavelets and Filter Banks Course Notes- Dr. W. J. Phillips
  23. An introduction to wavelet transforms: a tutorial approach- Leavey, James and Sutton
  24. WAVELETS FOR KIDS-A Tutorial Introduction-Brani Vidakovic and Peter Muller
  25. A Gentle Introduction to Wavelets-E. Rehmi Post

13 Aug 2008

Free Ebooks on Physics

  1. Mathematical Tools for Physics-James Nearing
  2. Learn Physics Today: Online Physics Tutorial -
  3. Physics-Aristotle,Willis E. Tower, Charles H. Smith, Thomas D. Cope,Charles M. Turton
  4. Electricity and Magnetism, J. B. Tatum
  5. Introduction to Quantum Optics, V. I. Man'ko
  6. Essential Physics 1, Frank W. K. Firk
  7. The Age of Einstein, Frank W. K. Firk
  8. Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles, Frank W. K. Firk
  9. Physics of the Universe, NASA
  10. Lectures on Quantum Physics and Applications-Dimotakis, Paul E.
  11. Classical Electrodynamics and Theory of Relativity, Ruslan Sharipov
  12. The Electromagnetic Field Theory, Bo Thide
  13. Fields, W. Siegel (textbook on quantum (and classical) field theory).
  14. Elements for Physics: Quantities, Qualities, and Intrinsic Theories, Albert Tarantola
  15. Inverse Problem Theory and Methods for Model Parameter Estimation, Albert Tarantola
  16. A Heat Transfer Textbook, John H. Lienhard
  17. Introduction to string field theory, W. Siegel
  18. Motion Mountain, Christoph Schiller
  19. Calculus-Based Physics, by Jeffrey W. Schnick
  20. Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite, Wil McCarthy
  21. Classical Electrodynamics, Bo Thid
  22. The Modern Revolution in Physics, Benjamin Crowell
  23. Newtonian Physics, Benjamin Crowell
  24. Conservation Laws, Benjamin Crowell
  25. Vibrations and Waves, Benjamin Crowell
  26. Electricity and Magnetism, Benjamin Crowell
  27. Conceptual Physics, Benjamin Crowell
  28. Simple Nature, Benjamin Crowel
  29. Discover Physics-
  30. Superspace: One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry - Warren Siegel. Jim Gates, Marc Grisaru, and Martin Rocek
  31. Matter and motion -Maxwell, James Clerk, Larmor, Joseph, Sir
  32. Classical Electrodynamics by Bo Thidé
  33. Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach by Paul W. Gross, and P. Robert Kotiuga
  34. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by J. Karl Johnson
  35. Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics by Klaus Schulten
  36. Course in Electrodynamics by Franz Wegner
  37. Light and Matter by Ben Crowell
  38. Order-of-magnitude-physics by Sanjoy Mahajan
  39. Physical Applications of Geometric Algebra by Anthony Lasenby, and Chris Doran
  40. Group Theory: Lie's, Tracks, And Exceptional Groups by Predrag Cvitanovic'
  41. An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations by Brian C. Hall
  42. Geometric Models for Noncommutative Algebras by A. Cannas da Silva, and A. Weinstein
  43. Differential Forms in Electromagnetic Theory by Richard H. Selfridge, David V. Arnold, and Karl F. Warnick
  44. Lectures on integration of several variables by Michael Adler
  45. Methods of Mathematical Physics by Mark Trodden
  46. Further Mathematical Methods by Niels Walet
  47. Computational Physics by Angus MacKinnon
  48. Zeno meets modern science by Zurab K. Silagadze
  49. Feynman's derivation of Maxwell equations and extra dimensions by Zurab K. Silagadze
  50. TeV scale gravity, mirror universe, and ... dinosaurs by Zurab K. Silagadze
  51. Quick introduction to tensor analysis by Ruslan Sharipov
  52. Traveling Wave Solutions of Parabolic Systems by Aizik I. Volpert, Vitaly A. Volpert, and Vladimir A. Volpert
  53. General Relativity, Nonlinear PDEs, etc by Sergiu Klainerman
  54. Special Relativity and Geometry by C. E. Harle, and R. Bianconi
  55. Differential Geometry (and Relativity) by Bob Gardner
  56. General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology by Sean M. Carroll
  57. Public lectures by Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose

Free Books on Yoga

  1. The Path of Perfection-A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
  2. Light on the Yoga Way of Life- Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj
  3. The Philosophy, Psychology and Practice of Yoga-SRI SWAMI CHIDANANDA
  4. Sivananda Yoga-Sri Swami Venkatesanandaji Maharaj
  5. Sivananda's Integral Yoga-SWAMI VENKATESANANDA
  7. The Yoga of Meditation-Swami Krishnananda
  8. Yoga, Meditation and Japa Sadhana- Swami Krishnananda
  9. The Yoga System- Swami Krishnananda
  10. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Yoga- Swami Krishnananda
  11. Yoga as a Universal Science- Swami Krishnananda
  12. In the Light of Wisdom- Swami Krishnananda
  13. The Study and Practice of Yoga, Vol. 1- Swami Krishnananda
  14. The Study and Practice of Yoga, Vol. 2- Swami Krishnananda
  15. Kundalini Yoga- Sri Swamy Sivananda
  16. Practical Lessons In Yoga- Sri Swamy Sivananda
  17. Practice of Karma Yoga- Sri Swamy Sivananda
  18. Easy Steps to Yoga-Sri Swamy Sivananda
  19. Essence of Yoga-Sri Swamy Sivananda
  20. Guru-Bhakti Yoga-Sri Swamy Sivananda
  21. Practice of Karma Yoga-Sri Swamy Sivananda
  22. The Science of Pranayama-Sri Swamy Sivananda
  23. Yoga in Daily Life-Sri Swamy Sivananda
  24. Lectures on Raja Yoga-Sri Swami Chidananda
  25. Light on the Yoga Way of Life-Sri Swami Chidananda
  26. Krsna Consciousness the Topmost Yoga System- His Divine Grace A.C.
    Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
  27. Hatha Yoga:The Yogi Philosophyof Physical Well-Being-Yogi Ramacharaka
  28. Patanjali Yoga Sutras-Prabhavananda Swamy
  29. Sri Patnjala Yoga Sutramulu-Venkataramanamma
  30. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Book of the Spiritual Man- Patanjali
  31. Yoga And Childbirth -Tony Crisp
  32. Yoga And Relaxation-Tony Crisp
  33. Christian Yoga-Tony Crisp
  34. Yoga And Yoga Discipline: A Theosophical Interpretation- Charles J. Ryan
  35. Yoga Samanvyamu- Aravindulu- Kalakara Venkata Rao
  36. Yoga Sankalanamu- Aravinda Yesu
  37. Yoga Vyayama Vidya-N.ramachandra Rao
  38. Yogadharshanamu Pathanjali Yoga Sutramulu- Sri Panyam Ramanadha Shastri
  39. Kundalani Yoga Sakthi Rahasyamu- Sri Swamy Rameswarananda Giri
  40. Perfection of Yoga -Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
  41. The Popular Practice Of Yoga - K. V. Mulbagala
  42. Vishnu Bathanandha Dhivya Yoga Mahima - P.Sheshaiah
  43. The Yoga Of Sri Aurobindo - Nolini,Kanta Gupta.
  44. Aphorisms of the yoga Philosophy of pantanjali. - Raja, Bhoja.
  45. A Practical Guide To Integral Yoga - Sri Aurobindo And The Mother.
  46. Yoga Lessons For Developing Spiritual Consciousness - Mukerji, Swamie A. P
  47. Yoga Sastra : the Yoga sutras of Patenjali examined : with a notice of Swami Vivekananda's Yoga philosophy - Patañjali
  48. Yoga Sadana - Pathanjali
  49. A Series of Lessons in Gnani Yoga - Ramacharaka, Yogi
  50. A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga - Ramacharaka, Yogi
  51. Yoga Made Easy - Desmond Dunne
  52. A compendium of the Raja Yoga philosophy - Sankaracarya
  53. Vedânta philosophy : lectures on Jnâna Yoga - Vivekananda, Swami
  54. An Introduction to Yoga - Annie Wood Besant
  55. Om Yoga–Its Theory and Practice-

12 Aug 2008

Free Books on General Mathematics XI

Elementary Mathematics, Analysis,Lebesgue Integrals ..

  1. Basic Concepts of Mathematics by Elias Zakon
  2. Mathematical Analysis I by Elias Zakon
  3. Calculus by Gilbert Strang
  4. MEASURE THEORY Vol1 by David H. Fremlin
  5. MEASURE THEORY Vol2 by David H. Fremlin
  6. MEASURE THEORY Vol3 by David H. Fremlin
  7. MEASURE THEORY Vol4 by David H. Fremlin
  8. Real Analysis for Engineers by Erhan Cinlar, and Robert J. Vanderbei
  9. Measure Theory and Integration by Vitali Liskevich
  10. The Matrix Cookbook by Kaare Brandt Petersen
  11. Classical Geometry and Low-Dimensional Topology by Danny Calegari
  12. Basic algebra and trigonometry by Thomas Ward
  13. First Year Mathematics by William Chen
  14. Multivariable Calculus by George Cain, and James Herod
  15. Complex Analysis by George Cain
  16. Linear Algebra by Jim Hefferon
  17. Elementary Linear Algebra by Keith Matthews
  18. A First Course in Linear Algebra by Robert A. Beezer
  19. Complex Analysis by Douglas N. Arnold
  20. Set Theoretic Real Analysis by Krzysztof Ciesielski
  21. Expository notes in The finite reflection groups by Daniel Allcock
  22. Classical Geometry by Danny Calegari
  23. Difference Equations to Differential Equations by Dan Sloughter
  24. Course of linear algebra and multidimensional geometry by Ruslan Sharipov
  25. Examples, Lecture Notes and Specimen Exam Questions and Natural Sciences Tripos
  26. Calculus project by Michael Livshits
  27. The Octonions by John C. Baez
  28. Advanced Calculus by Shlomo Sternberg
  29. Design of Comparative Experiments by R. A. Bailey
  30. Math Alive by Ingrid Daubechies

Mathematical Logic and Set theory

  1. Mathematical Logic - an Introduction by Michal Walicki
  2. Set theory by Peter G. Dixon
  3. Mathematical Logic by Stephen G. Simpson
  4. Foundations of Mathematics by Stephen G. Simpson
  5. Model Theory by Stephen G. Simpson
  6. A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic by Stefan Bilaniuk
  7. Computability and Incompleteness by Jeremy Avigad
  8. Complete proofs of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems by Byunghan Kim
  9. Fundamentals of Model Theory by William Weiss, and Cherie D'Mello
  10. Logic for Everyone by Robert A. Herrmann

Discrete Math

  1. Lecture Notes on Discrete Mathematics by László Lovász

Free Books on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  1. Handbook of chemistry- Vol. 1, Vol. 2
  2. Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry---
  3. Nature of Chemical Bond- WIlliam A.Goddard III
  4. Numerical methods and modeling for chemical engineers - Davis, Mark E.
  5. Introductory Quantum Mechanics I-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  6. Introductory Quantum Mechanics I (2005)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  7. Introductory Quantum Mechanics II -MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  8. Introductory Quantum Mechanics II( Spring 2004)
  9. Organic Chemistry I(Spring 2005)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  10. Organic Chemistry I(Spring 2003)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  11. Organic Chemistry II(Fall 2003)-MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  12. Organic Chemistry II -MITOPENCOURCEWARE
  13. Organometallic HyperTextBook
  14. Medical Biochemistry-Michael W. King
  15. Chemistry, FHSST
  16. Chemistry- Kerala Government
  17. Organic Chemistry Online Learning Center- rancis Carey
  18. Organic Chemistry-Richard and Sally Daley
  19. Understanding Chemistry-Jim Clark
  20. Virtual Chembook- Elmhurst College, Charles E. Ophardt
  21. Notes on Molecular Orbital Calculations- Roberts, John D.
  22. Bioinorganic Chemistry-Bertini, Ivano and Gray
  23. Chemical process hazard analysis-
  24. Gas dynamic compressible flow -
  25. Biochemistry-
  26. Fundamentals of air pollution engineering -Flagan, Richard C. and Seinfeld, John H.
  27. Bioinorganic Chemistry- Bertini, Ivano and Gray, Harry B. and Lippard, Stephen J. and Valentine, Joan Selverstone
  28. Molecular electronic structures : an introduction-Ballhausen, Carl J. and Gray, Harry B.
  29. Chemical principles- Dickerson, Richard E. and Gray, Harry B. and Haight, Gilbert P
  30. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry-Roberts, John D. and Caserio, Marjorie C.
  31. Organic chemistry: methane to macromolecules-Roberts, John D. and Stewart, Ross and Caserio, Marjorie C (90 Mb)
  32. An Introduction to the Analysis of Spin-Spin Splitting in High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra- Roberts, John D.
  33. Chemical dynamics-Dence, Joseph B. and Gray, Harry B. and Hammond, George S.
  34. Ligand Substitution Processes-Langford, Cooper H. and Gray, Harry B.
  35. Molecular orbital theory: an introductory lecture note -Ballhausen, Carl A. and Gray, Harry B.
  36. Electrons and Chemical Bonding- Gray, Harry B.
  37. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: applications to organic chemistry- Roberts, John D.
  38. Chemical Reaction Engineering Lecture Notes-
  39. Analytical_Chemistry vol. 1-WIlliam T. Hall (45 Mb)
  40. Analytical_Chemistry vol. 2-WIlliam T. Hall (69 Mb)

10 Aug 2008

Free Books on Mechanical Engineering

  1. Handbook of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow- Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3
  2. Basic Hydraulic Systems and Components-
  3. Heat Transfer Textbook- John H. Lienhard IV and John H. Lienhard V
  4. Basics of Fluid Mechanics-Genick Bar
  5. Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics-Genick Bar–Meir
  6. Fundamentals of Die Casting Design - Genick Bar–Meir
  7. Turbulent Heat Transfer-Scott Stolpa
  8. Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow-Brennen, Christopher Earls
  9. Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers-Åström, Karl Johan and Murray, Richard M.
  10. Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics- Brennen, Christopher Earls
  11. Hydrodynamics of Pumps- Brennen, Christopher Earls
  12. Applied Mechanics Dynamics- Housner, George W. and Hudson, Donald E.
  13. The Analysis of Stress and Deformation- Housner, George W. and Vreeland, Thad, Jr.
  14. Fundamental Handbook of Mechanical Science- Vol.1 , Vol. 2
  15. Uncertainty and Dimensional Calibration-Ted Doiron and John Stoup
  16. Stainless Steels - Their properties and their suitability for welding -Björn Holmberg
  17. Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual-
  18. Noise and Vibration Control for Buildings-