2 May 2015

Free Books on Matlab and Engineering and Scientific Computing Language

  1. Introduction to Matlab, Ross L. Spencer
  2. An Introduction to Matlab Version 2.3, David F. Griffiths
  3. MATLAB Primer, Kermit Sigmon
  4. Physical Modeling in MATLAB, Allen B. Downey
  5. Writing Fast MATLAB Code, Pascal Getreuer
  6. A Practical Introduction to Matlab, Mark S. Gockenbachgif
  7. Learning MatLab 7
  8. Introduction to using Matlab ( Day 1, Day 2 )
  9. An Introductory Guide to MATLAB, Ian Cavers
  10. Matlab Manual And Introductory Tutorials, Ivan Graham
  11. MATH 4330, David Gilliam
  12. Numerical Computing with MATLAB - Cleve Moler
  13. Experiments with MATLAB - Cleve Mole
  14. Crash course in MATLAB- Tobin A. Driscoll
  15. MATLAB Guide- Desmond J. Higham , Nicholas J. Higham
  16. Mathematica: A System For Doing Mathematics By Computer
  17. Mathematica tutorials, David Withoff
  18. A Brief Introduction To Mathematica, Dr. Christopher Moretti
  19. Beginner’s Mathematica Tutorial, Christopher Lum
  20. Mathematica Tutor
  21. MathCAD Tutorial


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