8 Aug 2008

Free Books on Error Control code

  1. Intuitive Guide to Principles of Communications-complextoreal
  2. Introduction to Binary Convolutional Codes- Yunghsiang S. Han
  3. On Woven Convolutional Codes-Stefan Höst (PdD Thesis)
  4. Essential Coding Theory, Prof. Madhu Sudan
  5. Algorithmic Information Theory, G J Chaitin
  6. Complexity Issues in Coding Theory, Alexander Barg
  7. Theory of Codes, Jean Berstel, Dominique Perrin, C. Reutenauer
  8. Codes and Automata, Jean Berstel, Dominique Perrin, C. Reutenauer
  9. A Tutorial on Convolutional Coding with Viterbi Decoding-Chip Fleming
  10. Evaluation of Soft Output Decoding for Turbo Codes-Huang, Fu-hua
  11. The Error Correcting Codes (ECC) (This site contains several computer programs that implement encoding and decoding routines of popular error correcting codes)
  12. Error Bounds for Convolutional Codes and an Asymptotically Optimum Decoding Algorithm-ANDREW J. VITERBI
  13. Codes and Decoding on General Graphs-Niclas Wiberg
  14. Tutorials in Communications Engineering

7 Aug 2008

Free Books on Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  1. Lessons In Electric Circuit, Tony R. Kuphaldt
  2. Electronics- Nelson
  3. Electronics Tutorial, Alex Pounds
  4. Circuits and Electronics, Prof. Anant Agarwal
  5. Electrical RLC networks and diodes - G. Ali
  6. Digital Design, by Frank Vahid
  7. Electronic Transformers, Reuben Lee
  8. Transistor Basics, Epina Book Team
  9. Op Amps for Everyone Design Guide, Ron Mancini
  10. Introduction to Electric Power Systems, Prof. James Kirtley
  11. Digital Integrated Circuits, Jan M. Rabaey, Anantha Chandrakasan, and Borivoje Nikolic
  12. Designing Analog Chips by Hans Camenzind.
  13. Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits, Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan
  14. Solid-State Circuits, Dr. Kent Lundberg
  15. Advanced Circuit Techniques, Prof. James Roberge
  16. Power Electronics, Prof. David Perreault
  17. Amplifier Builders Guide, Hugo Gernsback
  18. Electronic Transformers and Circuits, Reuben Lee
  19. Engineering Electronics, George Happell and Wilfred Hesselberth
  20. Basic Radio - The Essentials of Electron tubes and their Circuits, J. Barton Hoag

  21. High-Fidelity Circuit Design, Norman Crowhurst and George Cooper
  22. Magnetic Amplifiers, Paul Mali
  23. Basic Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes
  24. The Cathode-ray tube at Work, John F. Rider
  25. Dynamical Analogies, Harry F. Olson
  26. Electron-Tube Circuits, Samuel Seely
  27. XYZs of Oscilloscopes
  28. Electron Tube Design, RCA (151MB)

  29. Electronic Amplifier Circuits, Joseph Petit and Malcolm McWhorter

  30. Electronic Circuits and Tubes
  31. Principles of Electricity Applied to Telephone and Telegraph Work
  32. The Radio Handbook, William Orr
  33. Beginners Introduction to the Assembly Language of ATMEL-AVR-Microprocessors by Gerhard Schmidt
  34. The VHDL Cookbook by Peter J. Ashenden
  35. VHDL Quick Start by Peter J. Ashenden
  36. Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling using VHDL-AMS by Ernst Christen

4 Aug 2008

Free Books on Queueing Theory

  1. Introduction to Queueing Theory - Robert B. Cooper
  2. Queueing Theory- Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing
  3. Queueing Theory-J. Virtamo
  4. An Introduction to Queueing Systems- Sanjay Bose
  5. A Short Introduction to Queueing Theory -Andreas Willing
  6. Queueing Course- Karl Sigman
  7. Teletraffic Engineering Handbook -Villy Baek Iversen
  8. Queueing Theory-Andrew Ferrier, Robert Kay, Henry Morgan
  9. Finite-Source Queueing Systems and their Applications- Janos Sztrik
  10. Traffic Theory and Queueing Systems-Henrik Schiøler
  11. Traffic Theory and Queueing Systems 2-Henrik Schiøler
  12. Queueing Notes -Prapun Suksompong
  13. Single Queueing Systems-n
  14. Network Calculus: A Theory of Deterministic Queuing Systems for the Internet-Jean-Yves Le Boudec and Patrick Thiran.