Free Book on Neural Network (Artificial Intelligence)

  1. Neural Nets, Kevin Gurney
  2. An Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks, C.A.L. Bailer-Jones berg, R. Gupta, H.P. Singh
  3. Neural Networks, Genevieve Orr
  4. Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification, D. Michie, D.J. Spiegelhalter, C.C. Taylor
  5. Planning Algorithms, Steven M. LaValle
  6. Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, Richard S. Sutton and Andrew G. Barto
  7. An Introduction to Neural Networks Ben Krose, Patrick van der Smagt
  8. Neural Networks, Christos Stergiou and Dimitrios Siganos
  9. Dynamics of Complex Systems, Yaneer Bar-Yam
  10. Convex Optimization, Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe
  11. Reinforcement Learning:An Introduction, Richard S. Sutton, Andrew G. Barto
  12. Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning, Carl Edward Rasmussen and Christopher K. I. Williams
  13. Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis, Fernando C. N. Pereira, Stuart M. Shieber

Free Books on Information Theory and Communication System

  1. Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, David Tse and Pramod Viswanath
  2. Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms, David J. C. MacKay
  3. Entropy and Information Theory, R.M. Gray
  4. Complexity Issues in Coding Theory, Alexander Barg
  5. Network Coding Theory, Raymond W. Yeung, Shuo-Yen Robert Li, Ning Cai and Zhen Zhang
  6. Notes on Coding Theory, Jonathan I. Hall
  7. A Short Course in Information Theory, David J.C. MacKay
  8. Information, Randomness and Incompleteness, G J Chaitin, IBM Research
  9. Introduction to Data Communications, by Eugene Blanchard
  10. Understanding Optical Communications
  11. Primer on Information Theory, Thomas Schneider
  12. High-Speed Communication Circuits and Systems, Prof. Michael Perrott
  13. Communication System Design, Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic
  14. Essential Coding Theory, Prof. Madhu Sudan
  15. Speech Communication, Prof. Kenneth Steven
  16. Quantum Optical Communication, Prof. Jeffrey H. Shapiro
  17. Principles of Digital Communications I, Prof. Robert Gallager, Prof. Lizhong Zheng
  18. Principles of Digital Communication II, Prof. David Forney
  19. Transmission of Information, Prof. Muriel Medard, Prof. Lizhong Zheng
  20. Data Communication Networks, Prof. Eytan Modiano
  21. Primer on Information Theory by Thomas Schneider