27 Aug 2008

Free Books on Mathematics I

Algebra and Calculus

  1. Elementary Linear Algebra, Keith Matthews
  2. New Calculus without Limits - Karl Heinz Dovermann
  3. A Summary of Calculus-Karl Heinz Dovermann
  4. A First Course in Linear Algebra, Robert A. Beezer
  5. Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year-Robert B. Ash
  6. A Course In Algebraic Number Theory-Robert B. Ash
  7. The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables - Dan Sloughter
  8. Difference Equations to Differential Equations: An Introduction to Calculus- Dan Sloughter
  9. Graphics for the Calculus-Douglas N. Arnold
  10. Multivariable Calculus - George Cain & James Herod
  11. Steven Shreve: Stochastic Calculus and Finance - Prasad Chalasani and Somesh Jha
  12. Algebra and Analysis for Computer Science -Jean Gallier
  13. Visual Calculus - Lawrence S. Husch
  14. Complex Variables- Robert B. Ash and W.P. Novinger
  15. Advanced Calculus, Lynn Loomis and Shlomo Sternberg
  16. Discrete Oscillation Theory, Ravi P. Agarwal, Martin Bohner, Said R. Grace, and Donal O'Regan
  17. Abstract Algebra with GAP- J. G. Rainbolt and J. A. Gallian
  18. A Course In Algebraic Number Theory - Robert B. Ash
  19. Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis - Erhan Çinlar and Robert J. Vanderbei.
  20. Impulsive Differential Equations and Inclusions, M. Benchohra, J. Henderson, and S. Ntouyas
  21. Introduction to the Theory of Functional Differential Equations: Methods and Applications, N. V. Azbelev, V. P. Maksimov, and L. F. Rakhmatullina
  22. Qualitative Analysis of Delay Partial Difference Equations, Binggen Zhang, and Yong Zhou
  23. Solvability of Nonlinear Singular Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations, Irena Rachunkova, Svatoslav Stanek, and Milan Tvrdy
  24. Qualitative Analysis of Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations, Vicenţiu D. Rădulescu
  25. Calculus, Benjamin Crowell
  26. A Course In Commutative Algebra-Robert B. Ash
  27. A Pari/GP Tutorial- Robert B. Ash
  28. Real Variables with Basic Metric Space Topology - Robert B. Ash
  29. A Survey of Venn Diagrams-Frank Ruskey and Mark Weston
  30. A Course in Universal Algebra- Stanley Burris and H.P. Sankappanavar
  31. Algebra: Abstract And Concrete-Frederick M. Goodman
  32. Applied Abstract Algebra - D. Joyner, R. Kreminski, J. Turisco
  33. Galois Connections and Fixed Point Calculus-Roland Backhouse
  34. The Structure of Finite Algebras - David Hobby and Ralph McKenzie
  35. Introduction to Matrix Algebra - Autar K Kaw
  36. Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra - Edwin H. Connell
  37. Elementary Linear Algebra - Keith Matthews
  38. Solutions to Elementary Linear Algebra prepared - Keith Matthews
  39. Linear Algebra and Applications Textbook - Thomas S. Shores
  40. Visual Linear Algebra for Maple and Mathematica -
  41. Differential Equations With Boundary Value Problems - Selwyn Hollis
  42. Elementary PDEs and Applications - Björn Birnir,

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