27 Aug 2008

Free Books on Mathematics XII

  1. Semiriemannian Geometry- Shlomo Sternberg
  2. Essential Mathematics - Franco Vivaldi
  3. Analytic Combinatorics - Philippe Flajolet,and Robert Sedgewick
  4. Calculus, Applications and Theory - Kenneth Kuttler
  5. One Variable Advanced Calculus -Kenneth Kuttler
  6. Many Variable Advanced Calculus -Kenneth Kuttler
  7. Elementary linear algebra book -Kenneth Kuttler
  8. Derivations of Applied Mathematics - Thaddeus H. Black
  9. Algorithmic Mathematics - Leonard Soicher, Franco Vivaldi
  10. Elementary Mathematics - William Chen and Xian Duong
  11. Logic For Computer Science - Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving - Jean H. Gallier
  12. Combinatorial Algorithms for Computers and Calculators- Albert Nijenhuis and Herbert S. Wilf
  13. Logic and Computation - Jean Gallier
  14. Geometry, Topology, Geometric Modeling -Jean Gallier
  15. Notes on Differential Geometry and Lie Groups - Jean Gallier
  16. Convex Sets, Polytopes, Combinatorial Topology, Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulations- Jean Gallier
  17. Algebra- Jean Gallier
  18. Algebraic Geometry- Jean Gallier
  19. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scienc- Jean Gallier
  20. Basic Algebra and Analysis - Jean Gallier
  21. Languages, Automata, Theory of Computation- Jean Gallier
  22. Computational Geometry: Methods and Applications - Jianer Chen
  23. Computational Optimization - Jianer Chen
  24. Algorithms for Modular Elliptic Curves- John E. Cremona
  25. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers - Leo Moser
  26. Basic Concepts of Mathematics -Elias Zakon
  27. Mathematical Analysis I-Elias Zakon
  28. A Cook-Book Of Mathematics - Viatcheslav Vinogradov
  29. Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions- Robert Vanderbei

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