4 Aug 2008

Free Books on Queueing Theory

  1. Introduction to Queueing Theory - Robert B. Cooper
  2. Queueing Theory- Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing
  3. Queueing Theory-J. Virtamo
  4. An Introduction to Queueing Systems- Sanjay Bose
  5. A Short Introduction to Queueing Theory -Andreas Willing
  6. Queueing Course- Karl Sigman
  7. Teletraffic Engineering Handbook -Villy Baek Iversen
  8. Queueing Theory-Andrew Ferrier, Robert Kay, Henry Morgan
  9. Finite-Source Queueing Systems and their Applications- Janos Sztrik
  10. Traffic Theory and Queueing Systems-Henrik Schiøler
  11. Traffic Theory and Queueing Systems 2-Henrik Schiøler
  12. Queueing Notes -Prapun Suksompong
  13. Single Queueing Systems-n
  14. Network Calculus: A Theory of Deterministic Queuing Systems for the Internet-Jean-Yves Le Boudec and Patrick Thiran.

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